Boy Infected With Lyme disease In Long Island


A boy aged 13 years living in Long Island and who was playing in an area which was predominantly wooded a few weeks ago with friends has been infected by the Lyme disease. The strain which has infected the boy is a very rare strain. This case is an addition in the long list of patients afflicted with the disease and which has assumed alarming proportion this summer

Christine Brennan, the boy’s mother said that after being bitten by a bug, the boy started showing symptoms like fever and extremely painful headaches. Dr. Nadia Persheff, who is a pediatrician practicing at the Hampton Pediatrics confirmed  that Borrelia Miyamoto, a very rare strain afflicting people can be a cause for concern in children.

Previously, these types of cases used to come only on a weekly basis but recently, she has been getting cases like this almost every day. As Dr. Nadia said, “This year has been extremely overwhelming with Lyme as opposed to the past. We’ve never seen this much Lyme befosre,”

Elva Guerra, a concerned mother of a two year old said that she had seen a tick on his knee which turned into a rash. “I thought I saw a new birthmark on his knee, but it was really a tick.” Carlos her son did not understood know the repercussions or remember how the tick got there.

But there is hope because with a regular dose of antibiotics, the disease can be cured easily. A Suffolk County Health Department doctor warns people to take precautions by saying “it is best to wear long pants, tuck the pants into socks and wear repellent.” Google advices guest post service for its google news services.