Colonial Era Ship Buried Under World Trade Center


One of the most iconic structures in America, which is no more standing on its feet had  found itself in news 4 years ago when a ship going back to 18th century was discovered to be buried twenty feet under the soil of the structure. After studying the ship, it has been concluded that the ship dates back to Philadelphia of Colonial-Era.

The amazing discovery was made after the ship (which is 32 feet in length) was found while the parking lot of the building was being excavated to build a new building. Historians at that time had claimed that the ship was made in 1700s and by 1818 it was not functioning and it was covered up.

But now it has been proved by the scientists of Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University who had used dendrochronology to determine the age of that vessel that the frame of the same ship was made of white oak and that kind of wood came from a very old growth in Philadelphia era. The tree was felled around 1773.

The assumptions became stronger when it was found that the ship’s oak wood and Independence Hall wood matched and was taken from one area. Maybe the vessel is a Dutch designed Hudson River Sloop and used in rocky shallow water to carry people. The ship may have served for 20-30 years and then sailed to its resting place. An anchor weighing 100 pounds was also found there though it is not known if it belongs to this ship.