Son Pays Off Parents’ Mortgages to Show His Gratitude


It did not matter to him that his parents were apprehensive and skeptical when he announced his decision to follow an ‘out of the box’ career trajectory. It did not matter that he had to face ups and downs until success came his way andhe made his parents proud. What mattered was the happiness on the face of his parents when he unburdened them from a huge responsibility for a lifetime.

This is the story of Timothy DeLaGhetto; the YouTube celebrity who had posted a video on Monday where he was shown presenting a $210,000 check to his parents so that they could lead a hassle free and mortgage free life henceforth. It was only fitting that he posted the emotional scene on hisYouTube channel.

Kongkiat Chantarangsu and Sukhon Chantarangsu, his father and mother who manage a California Thai restaurant, reveledat the occasion with the latter hugging her son tearfully. The video has garnered 172,000 views already, and the comedian and rapper was suitably happy with his decision.

As he said, “My parents always wanted me to stay in school and get a degree,” “To reassure them, I said I would pay off the house,” “One of the main reasons I go so hard at this entertainment grind … is so they don’t have to work so hard, because they work so hard.” his father and mother “always knew I wasn’t going to be a doctor or a lawyer,” “They knew where my head and heart was at.”