Spending On Junk Increase for Millennial

Munich, GERMANY: A McDonald?s employee makes French fries at a McDonald?s restaurant beside their headquarters in Munich, southern Germany 27 February 2007. Bane Knezevic (not in picture), president of the western division of McDonald's Europe and chairman of McDonald's Germany reported at a press conference that Mcdonald's turnover had increased by 6,2 percent in 2006. AFP PHOTO DDP/JOERG KOCH GERMANY OUT (Photo credit should read JOERG KOCH/AFP/Getty Images)

Good food and good life has attracted human beings from time immemorial. It was prevalent in the earlier ages and even now the millennial population was and is spending a mound of dollars every year on items like coffee, fast and junk food and alcohol. The data was provided by Level Money which is a budgeting app

This budgeting app is used by the younger crowd, those between the ages of 18 to 35. What Level Money did was to go through the data of around half million of their users and then saw what the young crowd spent their money on. Let us see the results.


Maine millennial love their coffee and that was proved by the amount that they spent on the beverage, which was $300 per year on an average. East Coast has ten of the top states with Massachusetts and Hampshire coming at no 2 and 3 respectively.


Southern states are also not too fond of their booze it seems. It is again Massachusetts that you will find the bars filled with millennial. Other states are New York and Colorado. Mississippi, Alabama and South Dakota, and are at the bottom positions.

Fast foods

The south loves their junk food and so the population of Oklahoma spends around $1,200 per year on these foods. Fries and burger are loved by Texas and Kansas and 40% like their drive –through. However Vermont likes to stay slim and spend only $430 per year on junk food.