Please help us find out grandson, beg grandparents of missing RAF man


The desperate grandparents of an RAF serviceman who disappeared more than two months ago while on a night out with friends say they have a five-figure reward waiting for anyone who gives the information which leads to his return.

Twenty-three-year-old Corrie McKeague was last seen in the early hours of the morning on September 24 in Suffolk. Whe he failed to arrive back at his base of RAF Honington 10 miles away, concerned service colleagues alerted the authorities.

Now, his concerned grandparents say they believe someone else was involved in his disappearance. Mary and Oliver McKeague, from Fife, Scotland, have put up the reward in a bid to find out what has happened to him. They believe he may have been kidnapped, although so far no demands have been made.

Mr McKeague said: “Corrie’s base at RAF Honington is near two other military bases, RAF Marham to the north, and Aldershot Camp to the south, and each recently reported suspected kidnapping attempts of military servicemen. You could draw a near straight line on a map and connect all three. Corrie’s base is right in the middle.”


Mrs McKeague said she hoped the money would encourage anyone who could help to come forward so she could find her “beautiful grandson”. She added that while the family was devastated, they were also staying strong and determined because they knew that Corrie would not want them to give up.

Corrie was a gunner and a team medic in the RAF. He is understood to have split up from his friends after leaving Flex nightclub. He was captured on CCTV cameras in the early hours of the morning. He can be seen walking into Brentgovel Street, but no cameras have captured him coming back out again. His grandparents believe that he may have arranged to meet someone.





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