Woman has facial reconstruction surgery following Bali horror smash


A 25-year-old woman has undergone facial reconstruction surgery after she and her boyfriend were left for dead in a terror crash in Bali.

Victoria Van de Stadt was left lying by the side of the road in a hit-and-run smash. She and her partner 26-year-old Louis Macindoe had enjoyed dinner together on their final night of what should have been the trip of a lifetime when they were thrown off their bike and then abandoned.

The couple, who are from Australia, were eventually found unconscious in a ditch by two British army veterans. Ms Van de Stadt has suffered such terrible injuries that her airways had to be artificially kept open to ensure her survival.

13 hour surger

The young woman underwent complex and lengthy surgery, with medics working on her for 13 hours at Royal Perth Hospital to repair facial bones which were crushed in the smash. Surgeons say the operation has been a success, although she remains in an induced coma.

Ms Van de Stadt’s mother says that she has had very major surgery, but she is pleased that surgeons have indicated they are happy with the results. She is expected to be woken up this week. However, she will face a long and arduous recovery and will have to come to terms with her injuries.

Her boyfiend, who edits a snowboarding magazine, also suffered facial injuries, with a fractured eye socket and a deep cut to his head. He also had blood loss but is expected to be allowed to return home soon, although he will need further assessments.

On social media he thanked everyone who had supported the couple. He added that he had considered himself to be “pretty well versed” on two wheels but had feared that his number was up. He said he took huge comfort in the amount of love and support he and his girlfriend had received.