Anthony Rae Sentenced for Emailing Terrorist Threats to Bomb Schools in Four States


After pleading guilty for making a series of terrorist threats to bomb schools in four US states last year, 25-year-old Anthony Rae, has been fined 500$, sentenced to three years probation, and to the time he had already served since his arrest in June 2015. No information as to the reasons behind his threats have been reported so far.

Anthony Rae, from Stoughton, Massachusetts, was arrested in June 2015 last year, after being accused of emailing terrorist threats to bomb schools and colleges in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Illinois, and North Carolina.


According to prosecutors, Rae used several separate email accounts, including his mother’s, to send the emails, which started in 2014, when he sent bomb threats to an elementary school in Chicago and several public schools in Norwood. He also sent a threat to the school he was attending at the time- the ITT Technical Institute in Norwood.


Prosecutors also said Rae had made another terrorist threat to Rhode Island College in Providence from a computer in his apartment complex’s community room the day after police searched his apartment and confiscated several electronic devices.

He was taken into custody on June 19, 2015 and was taken into federal custody last October.

According to the US Attorney’s office, Rae pleaded guilty in October to five counts of willfully emailing bomb threats. He was sentenced to the time had already served since his arrest, approximately 17 months, three years probation and was subjected to a 500$ fine.

Jonathan Bourn, the principal of one of the threatened schools in Norwood, Massachusetts said that Rae’s threat had disrupted the education of 3,450 students.”Clearly some learning time was taken away from the students. The Norwood community will not be bullied by people who threaten our children,” he said.