Man who strangled girlfriend with her own knickers is detained in hospital indefinitely


    A mentally ill man who killed his beauty student girlfriend by strangling her with her own underwear and her cardigan has been told he must remain in hospital indefinitely. Edwin Gyekye, 31, killed his girlfriend Sarrah Garba at their home in Gateshead, near Newcastle, last September.

    After stranglig her, he laid out her body into a crucifix position. The HIV positive man asked police officers about God and cannibalism when he was arrested, before biting one of them on the arm. Thankfully, the officer has since tested negative for the disease.

    Gyekye was arrested after he was discovered on the porch of a neighbouring property. Initially, police thought he might be trying to burgle the home. However, police found the body of his girlfriend and realised that the situation was much more serious than they had thought. He was initially charged with murder, but pleaded builty to manslaughter with diminished responsibility.

    Gyekye, who is originally from France, has now been sentenced to an indefinite hospital order for his own safety and that of others. He first suffered a psychotic episode three years ago in Paris when he made threats towards strangers. He was prescribed anti-psychotic medication, but had stopped taking it while living in Britain.


    The man said that he heard voices in his head which told him Sarrah was Satan and he had to kill her to get his girlfriend back. Sarrah had been hit in the face at least a dozen times with a round-edged weapon, although cause of death was strangulation.

    The 28-year-old was studying beauty at Newcastle College and wanted to either open her own salon or become a celebrity make-up artist. She had been in an on-off relationship with Gyekye for more than a decade and had moved in with him two years before she was killed.