Trump’s Immigration Policies Worries Tech Companies Ahead of Meeting With Apple, Google


 A major concern for leaders of Silicon Valley has been whether or not President-elect Donald Trump will implement the immigration polices he claims to put forth when sworn in as President.

Technology companies such as Apple, Facebook and Google have relied on the current policies set, and have been raising questions as to what would change. A study that was conducted by the National Foundation for American Policy, have found that over 51 percent of businesses that were founded on US soil, amounting to a budget of $1 billion were created by immigrants.

Issues Arising

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s stronger demand for H1B visas, whose task refers to employing foreign citizens to be working in the technology companies already seemed intimidating for several minorities presiding in the United States.

Furthermore, Steve Bannon, who serves as Donald Trump’s chief strategist has claimed that Asian citizens possess far too much power than needed in Silicon Valley. The elites of Silicon Valley will be meeting with Mr. Trump so as to bring forth to the table their doubts, questions, and worries with what his administration are planning on implementing as of January 20th.

Mr. Trump complained about several tech companies, such as stating that Apple should halt in relying on China to be the ones making mobile phones, along with claiming that Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon allegedly bought the Washington Post simply to evade his way of paying taxes and to gain a higher political influence.


The senior policy analyst from Rand Corporation, Marjory Blumenthal expressed her views regarding immigrants being of absolute great aid towards the success of tech companies, adding that throughout the history of Silicon Valley, it is obvious just how much of great influence, innovative methods and success has been achieved by the help of immigrants.

Mr. Trump’s administration has aroused several worries amongst immigrant workers, with the CEO of JobAnts, Sandeep Purwar remarking on the matter by saying “I am worried that I might have to go back to India.”