Intelligence Reveals Saudi Arabia Funds Extremism In Germany


 A new disclosed report has just revealed that Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar are currently involved with financially assisting Islamic extremist organizations that preside in Germany.

The extremist ideologies follow Saudi Arabian Wahhabism, an extremely conservative secular form of Salafism, and it has allegedly already received about 10,000 followers to the cause in Germany which has been an increasingly worrying conflict.


Germany’s intelligence agency along with the Federal Intelligence Agency have mentioned in their report findings that these Gulf countries in the Middle East are directly assisting mosques, religious schools and Islamic preachers in disseminating the extreme ideology as much as they can.

Organizations such as the Saudi Muslim World League and Kuwaiti Revival of Islamic Heritage (RIHS) have been outlawed from both Russia and the United States due to the evidence that revealed they have been assisting the terrorist group Al-Qaeda.

Although the German Intelligence have stated that these claims and findings are not final yet, they do add that these bits of information around the matter perhaps have been exposed so as to but weight on the German government in an attempt to halt weapons and arms sales to the Saudi Kingdom.

The German-based Saudi ambassador has expressed his view on these allegations toward Saudi Arabia, saying that his country has “no connection with German Salafism,” adding as well the Saudi Muslim World League was not a Saudi organization and has been dismantled completely in 2013 from German soil.

The Qatari Sheikh Eid organization and the RIHS have also denied having any sort of involvement with terror related activities in the past, let alone the present as well.

These findings have come precisely just a little while after Germany had outlawed an Islamist group aimed at spreading their ideology and converting others, which ultimately had ties to more than a hundred fighters from the Islamic State in Syria.