No End in Sight for Southern Railway Protests


After talks and discussions were held with the train drivers union, it ended with no final agreement being formulated as of now, resulting in the hundreds of thousands of passengers who now are forced to endure a third day strikes and still cannot continue to use transport services.

Commuter Chaos

The union have cancelled absolutely all of their 2,242 services that were meant to be fulfilled on Friday, and the walk outs from their services were initiated last Tuesday and Wednesday, and continued on with another full day walk out on Thursday as well.

Another appointment with the leaders of the union will be announced soon, as citizens and businesses alike are suffering by being put on hold due to the complete halt of the railway.

The passengers expressed their frustration into the prolonged matter as well, and demonstrated at the Victoria station in London on Thursday, along with submitting a written statement towards the Transport Department and insisted that the UK government to end this calamity of halting their means of transportation and that their input must be backed with actions urgently.


A spokesman from those who protested within the passengers stated that all of them have endured and underwent an agonizing year now due to the Southern Rail’s downfall. The spokesman continued by saying that this disaster has resulted in many people being forced to move to other homes and being forced to leave their jobs.

Chris Grayling, the secretary of transport claims that the ongoing struggle with the train drivers union is not about salaries being cut, nor about their jobs being taken from them, but rather it’s a quarrel regarding who ultimately will have the authority in closing the train doors at the end.

Mr. Grayling stated these walk outs that have been done by them serve as actions that were absolutely unnecessary for everyone.