Why Meghan Markle chose acting over the secret service


Prince Harry’s new girlfriend Meghan Markle has revealed that she once had a very promising career in foreign service. However, Ms Markle, who is best known for her role in the legal drama Suits, says she opted for acting because she was homesick and wanted to be back in Los Angeles.

Ms Markle, 35, revealed her career change for a new book called The Game Changers, in which 40 famous women were asked to talk about what the secrets to their success were. She wrote about her own career just a couple of weeks before her relationship with Prince Harry was revealed.

It is a side to Ms Markle which had not been revealed until but she has revealed that she was working at the US Embassy when she was approached about acting opportunities. She said she then had to decide which of the two majors she had done at university – international relations or drama – would prove to be the one which led her forward in a future career.


She said she was homesick to decided that staying in LA seemed like a better idea. However, she took part in three unsuccessful pilots before finally getting the part of Rachel Zane in Suits. She says it was one of the best days of her life when she found out that Suits was definitely going to be made.

Charity and humanitarian work is also very important to Ms Markle, which is something that she has in common with caring Prince Harry. The Prince is incredibly committed to carrying on with campaigns started by his late mother Princess Diana, as he sees it as a fitting tribute for the woman who was dubbed the People’s Princess.

Ms Markle has been made a UN Global Ambassador for World Vision and travelled to Rwanda as part of her work with the organisation earlier this year.