3 Year Old Boy Shot By Angry Driver


An enraged driver shot at a car that apparently was moving too slow at a stop sign in Little Rock, Arkansas, killing the 3 year old boy that was inside.

The young boy’s grandmother was at the wheel of the car, and she had taken him for a trip to go shopping.

According to the authorities, they stated that an enraged man had got out of his car and went towards the car with the grandmother and the young boy, and proceeded in shooting at it, shooting the 3 year old with at least one shot.

The grandmother had not been hit by the shooter, and as soon as he had opened fire, she immediately drove away from the scene and notified the authorities about the incident.

When the police had arrived just outside a JC Penney store, they rushed in taking the little boy to a hospital, who had eventually been pronounced dead just moments after.

Police Statement

According to Steve McClanahan, a police lieutenant, he said he firmly believes that neither the grandmother nor the young boy had any type of association with the enraged gunman, and that their only part was simply in driving around to go shopping.

The shooting has been referred to as nothing less than an absurd act of murder.

Apparently last month there had been another altercation where a man had allegedly shot and killed a 2 year old girl inside the car as well, but no suspects have been arrested yet.

The authorities are not sure whether or not both of these incidents share some type of relation to an extent.

Kenton Buckner, the Police Chief for Little Rock, expressed his concern over this tragedy by saying that as a simple citizen, let alone a police official, these incidents are extremely worrying as these young children “can do very little to protect themselves.”

Buckner added that it is absolutely unacceptable within their society for such senseless acts to occur towards the most vulnerable and innocent young children.