Prolonged Treatment for Officer in Coma Should Stop


A judge in the UK has stated that doctors who have been treating a veteran from the Gulf War, who serves in the police as well, and has been in a coma since 2015 due to an accident should stop offering the treatment.

The wife of the officer, Lindsey Briggs has stated to the judges that her husband should just pass away quietly at this point.

The Liverpool hospital, where the office is currently being treated, responded by saying this would serve to be an injustice to the man as he is not in a permanently hopeless case, but rather in a marginally ‘conscious state.’

Mr. Justice Charles has approved of the proposal, stating that Mr. Briggs would have wanted this decision to be taken as well, and will be transferred so as to receive a calm and relaxing set of treatment until his time is done.

The Accident Leading to the Coma

Paul Briggs, 43, was on his way back in July 2015 to attend his night shift with the Merseyside Police on his motorcycle when he clashed with Chelsea Rowe as she drove her car, which resulted in brain damage.

Rowe, 26, confessed to driving recklessly and as a result of her actions, inflicted grave and critical damage and received a year in prison that had been suspended.

Mrs. Briggs Wants the Pain to End

Mrs. Briggs approved with the recommendation by Mr. Justice Charles, as she believes the longer the treatment for her husband lasts, the longer the pain of the daily struggle will take hold.

Mrs. Briggs added by saying her husband had unconditionally and selflessly protected other people’s lives and made it his priority, and this decision would serve as something he would’ve asked for himself.

Despite the disapproval among doctors, the court stated that even though Mr.Briggs may come out of the coma, his mental ability will be hindered greatly and would need to be treated on a 24 hour basis.