Black Woman Needing Help from Cops is attacked by Cops


The 6-minute, foulness bound clasp posted on Facebook demonstrates the trade between the lady, Jacqueline Craig, and an unidentified cop from the Fort Worth Police Department. The cop was reacting to Craig’s call to police that a white neighbor had quite recently snatched her child by the neck for overlooking his request for the 7-year-old kid to get a bit of waste on the ground.

“He resisted him, so that is the reason he did it,” Craig is heard telling the officer. “So I have an issue with that. My child is 7 years of age. You don’t have the privilege to snatch him, gag him.” The straight-confronted cop asks just: “Why not educate your child not to litter?”

What’s more, when Craig, 46, says she doesn’t trust a littering charge excuses the claimed assault, the officer is heard making more inquiry: “Why not? Since it don’t,” the dazed Craig answers. The startling trade incited the lady behind the camera, Craig’s cousin Porsha Craver, to remind the officer that she was recording the occurrence.

Craig tells the cop he “irritated [her]” and contends that the officer has no clue what she shows her child at home. The cop then debilitates to put her nabbed. “On the off chance that you continue shouting at me, will annoy me and will take you to imprison,” the officer says.

Detecting inconvenience, Craig’s 15-year-old girl all of a sudden tries to mediate and push her mom away, the video appears. Yet, the cop hurls the teenager to the side and pulls his Taser. It was not promptly clear on the off chance that he utilized the weapon, but rather Craig, her little girl and their cousin, Brea Hymond, were altogether captured, the Star-Telegram reported. The video of the wild experience had more than 50,000 shares and was seen more than 1 million circumstances by Thursday evening.