Trump’s White House Aide: Ban Will Not Focus On Muslims, but Rather Countries of Origin


Donald Trump’s previous campaign manager now taking the role of White House aide, Kellyanne Conway, released a statement this Thursday stating that the new administration will not implement a ban on Muslims based merely on their religion.

When questioned whether an individual’s religious beliefs would render heightened investigation, Conway replied “No” but rather President-elect Trump would prioritize focus towards country of origin.


In a response to Chris Cuomo’s queries in a CNN interview on New Day, she pointed out that these questions are based on statements “made over a year ago in what he said about the (Muslim) ban versus what he said later about it, when he made it much more specific and talked about countries where we know that they’ve got a higher propensity of training and exporting terrorists”.

In addition, Conway refuted claims that Trump had any plans to change position in the matter stating, “He doesn’t go back and forth on anything based on criticism. I mean, if you’re us, and certainly if you’re him, you are impervious to naysayers and critics in terms of them changing policy”.

However, Trump has not been explicit in his focus on which countries specifically would be under higher investigation or potentially banned entirely.

Throughout his campaign, Trump frequently referred to ISIS related attacks towards Christian groups within the Middle East, leading to a halt towards Muslim immigration to the United States in response.

Ban on Countries, Not Religion

His has since proceeded to include a ban on particular individuals originating from terrorist hot spots within the region, however explicit details on the ban have yet to be determined.

Breaking news of the horrifying Christmas market attacks in Germany have sparked further inquisitions on the matter.

The primary suspect, Anis Amri a twenty-four-year-old Tunisian, has subsequently been on the radar for a worldwide manhunt.

When questioned whether the attack has led him to review his proposed bad, Trump replied, “You’ve known my plans all along … they’ve proven to be right, 100% correct. What’s happening is disgraceful.”