FBI Urges Authorities to Keep an Eye Out


The FBI have stated towards local law enforcements throughout the United States to be prepared and cautious of any slight suspicion for possible terror attacks that might take place on the Christmas holidays.

This warning comes after ISIS supporters demanded and requested for others for attacks on churches situated within the United States and other nations to be conducted.

Two days ago an ISIS affiliated group posted on a social media site an entire list of churches situated in the United States, which also included their exact locations and the names of them, calling afterwards for several attacks to be taken out against them throughout the Christmas holidays.

No Threats to be Taken Lightly

The threat of attacks posted online have not been considered as 100 percent credible, and it is likely that such calls for attack are meant to inflict fear and disorder and are directed towards extremists who have been radicalized within the communities themselves, not coming from abroad.

Threats of attacks have been posted before several times, they rarely motivate an actual attack to be taken out by what is called ‘homegrown violent extremists’ (HVE).

A Small Threat is a Threat Nonetheless

However, the HVE’s still do pose as a small yet harmful intimidating factor within communities since they may carry out small-scale terror attacks against other citizens using knives or vehicles, but on a large-scale matter they do not pose a giant threat.

The federal authorities have asked local police from all over the nation to remain “vigilant” during the holidays, and they have urged so after several terror attacks have occurred consecutively in places such as the Coptic Orthodox Church in Cairo, the foiled attempt to attack Melbourne, Australia, then the Christmas market in Berlin which ultimately led to dozens injured and about 12 deaths