NORAD is tracking Santa Claus, apparently!

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Christmas is no doubt the most celebrated holiday around the world. Especially, for a kid with high hopes that Santa Claus will come riding down their chimney with a bag full of toys and goodies.

Obviously, you’ve been good all year, you have checked your list over and over again to make sure there is no naughty complaint on it. Now that there is a Santa Tracker on the market from NORAD, this functions as irrefutable proof that our faith in jolly ole’ Saint Nickolas is fully justified.

Well, if the US military is now tracking Ol’ Saint Nick, then clearly he is paddling at the speed of light through the night skies to deliver all the gifts by Christmas morning. Surely, the sophisticated armed forces had better things to do rather than wasting valuable resources tracking the jolly gray-haired fellow.

The NORAD Santa Tracker is still one of our favorite Christmas traditions. The company even had a website and a hotline number that anyone can access to find out the exact coordinates of Santa Claus and his seven trustworthy reindeer.

Most definitely, NORAD’s concept in today’s world is very intriguing for many reasons. One can just imagine all the work that this company employs to pinpoint Kris Kringles’s exact whereabout.

Stacey Knot at NORAD explained that the company uses the same technologies used in homeland defense by the US armed forces.


Tracking Santa Claus can garner a hefty price tag since essential satellite surveillance is needed to effectively follow his sleigh tracks. NORAD has employed Space-Based Infrared System or SBIRS, that is also used by the Military. Knott reported that the equipment comprises of a constellation of probes that orbits high above our planet.


Most importantly, another crucial piece of equipment is a radar system; additionally, it must be equipped with a warning system that will notify NORAD if unknown aircraft, or sleigh, enters the North American Airspace. NORAD’s early warning will definitely pinpoint when Mr. Nickolas Clause enters the skies thus giving every little boy and girl the signal that Santa Claus is finally on his way.