The astonishing photos of a “lost” Amazonian tribe living just as their ancestors did 20,000 years ago

Ricardo Stuckert A Brazilian photographer has captured images of an uncontacted Amazonian tribe The photos were taken in the state of Acre, Brazil, during a work that I am doing for my photography book that will be released next year INDIAN BRAZILIANS.

Amazing images have been taken, which show an Amazonian tribe living just as their ancestors would have done 20,000 years ago. The incredible photos show the isolated tribe in the Brazilian rainforest.

While photographer Ricardo Stuckert had been forced to deviate from his planned route via helicopter as a result of a storm, he saw the tribe from the air. One man is even seen firing his spear at the helicopter as it passed overhead.

The images, which were then sent to National Georgraphic, show the tribe close to the border with Peru. It is thought that the tribe has several hundred members. Many tribespeople could be seen donning colourful body paint as they look up towards the aircraft. They are all looking confused, given that they have nothing to do with modern day life.


While it is not known whether, or how often, the tribespeople will have seen a helicopter before, the talented photographer said he thought they were more curious than fearful. He said it was amazing to think that in the 21st century, there were still people living with no contact at all with modern day civilisation.

The photographer said he began snapping away as soon as he spotted the tribespeople, feeling a duty to capture what he was seeing.

The rainforest of the Amazon, along the Brazilian border with Peru, Bolivia and Columbia is believed to be home to 100 tribes who live without any contact with the outside world. Although Brazilian authorities have a strict policy that the tribes should be left to live their way of life, they are often threatened by illegal loggers. There are also many tribes who have had contact with civilisation within the last few hundred years.

Mr Stuckert had been on his way to photograph tribespeople who have been in contact with the outside world, before happening upon the isolated tribe.