Tinder Date Gone Wrong


Francia Ruth Ibarra Ramirez’s disappearance was first known when she had allegedly made plans to seeing a movie with her friends and never showed up, along with her cell phone being switched off.

Ramirez, 26, had apparently been dating Emmanuel Delani Valdes Bocangegra through the Tinder dating application, and her friends had notified the authorities that she was in a relationship with Bocangegra.

Ramirez’s friends thoroughly searched the University of Guanajuato student’s accounts of social media in an attempt to help their case.

Apparently Bocangegra was never introduced or even met any of Ramirez’s friends, including her family which he supposedly had constantly evaded himself from doing.

The Last Date

Ramirez, who is from Leon, situated in Guanajuato, Mexico has supposedly been on multiple dates with Bocangegra previously until her final disappearance as of Dec. 3rd.

Almost two weeks had passed until the authorities had discovered dreadful remains of human bones that had been sighted in trash bags that were found in Bocangegra’s balcony and it was revealed that these bones had indeed belonged to the missing Ramirez.

Horrific Death

Besides the human bones that were located, authorities also found containers of hydrochloric acid along with corrosive soda cans as well. Forensics analyzed the DNA from the almost six kilos of flesh that had been obtained from the bones in the bags, and all evidence pointed to it being Ramirez.

Ramirez’s clothes were also located within Bocangegra’s house. Upon the horrific sightings, the authorities have declared a warrant for the murder of Ramirez that was committed by Bocangegra, who had previously served as a medical student, and as of now had gone missing, but then eventually was taken into custody in Mexico City by the authorities.

The cause of the murder of Ramirez had apparently been due to the fact that she had declined to indulge in sexual intercourse with Bocangegra.