Russia and Turkey Agree for Syrian Ceasefire


Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced for an official ceasefire to take place in Syria, and Turkey will see to it that this ceasefire is backed as well alongside them.

In addition to a ceasefire, Putin has also stated that he will decrease the Russian military personnel situated in Syria.

The Syrian high command of the military has ordered a nationwide ceasefire to be implemented by midnight, in which the opposition army has also agreed to this proposal.

Paperwork of Hope

Putin stated that as of now three different documents were signed as a hopeful initiation for peace in Syria. In the first document, the contents mentioned a ceasefire to go into action between the Syrian opposition army and the Syrian pro-government army.

The second document included the specific rules and other regulations that should be followed for the succession of a ceasefire.

The third document was one that mentioned the proposal and willingness for talks of peace for the future.

According to Sergei Shoigu, the Defense Minister of Russia, he has said that at the current moment the Syrian army are preparing all necessary tasks in order to execute the ceasefire order by midnight, along with putting on hold all of their operations.

Teamwork between Rivals

Mr. Shoigu states that for the past two months several talks have taken place in order to organize this ceasefire, in which an estimate of 62,000 rebel fighters had signed for the go ahead of this proposal.

Despite Russia and Turkey are supporting the opposite sides to the Syrian conflict, they both have nonetheless joined hands in an attempt to end the entire conflict after Aleppo had been recaptured by pro-Assad forces, and they intend on finishing this matter without the intervention and aid of the United States.

Russia and Turkey have had a shaky relation for the past few years, but this ceasefire would serve to better normalize relations amongst them once again.