Mother Falls to Her Death from Chairlift


An unidentified mother from Texas has reported to have fallen to her death, after dropping from a 20 foot chairlift at a ski resort knowns as Ski Granby Ranch located in Colorado.

The woman died on Thursday morning, and amongst the tragedy were her 12 year old and 9 year old daughters that also had fell with her, but reports say they survived and were hospitalized immediately upon the fall.

One of the daughters had received the proper treatment and had been released by the hospital on the morning of Friday, whilst the other young girl had to be airlifted to another hospital situated in Denver for further treatment.

Unexpected Tragedy

As of now, all causes for the 40 year old mother’s fall from the chairlift are yet vague and unclear, as such incidents are considered to be of a rare occurrence in the United States.

According to the National Ski Areas Association, they state that ever since as far back as 1973 all the way till last October, there have only been 12 reported deaths regarding faulty chairlifts, and added that since 2004 till now only another 3 deaths were reported regarding people falling off the chairlifts.

From Fun to Sorrow

Schelly Olson, a fire official, had reported to the Denver Post that the 40 year old woman and her two daughters had allegedly been in the space between the loading area of the chairlift and the summit the moment they had fallen, resulting in the mother’s death instantly.

Olson then said that the chair the family of three had been on had still remained to be attached to the entire chairlift after they fell.

The Granby Ranch was forced to temporarily close down the entire ski resort so as to allow an investigation to be conducted by the local authorities, along with the safety officials from the Colorado tramway.