Homeless Man Receives Apartment for Act of Kindness


 A homeless man named Gary in Liverpool has received a flat by Darren Galvin after he had returned a suit Galvin had forgotten in a phone box, which led to Galvin creating a crowd funding page which eventually raised up to £2,000.

Gary was offered a flat by a private landlord, and also received an offer for work as well.

Galvin reacted to the entire set of positive results by saying that he was “over the moon this has had a positive end.”

Galvin added that he hoped Gary would not have to endure a single night on the street during the year of 2017, and as far as now it looks his hopes are becoming a reality.

One Act of Kindness

Galvin was overwhelmed with the results of the crowd funding page, and with the fact that this homeless man was able to get a flat and get off the streets for once thanks to the efforts and graciousness of the Liverpool residents.

Getting a flat has proved to be a difficult matter however as the process and documents required for it are one giant tangled up procedure, and all the hostels are full at the moment, and the waiting lists may result in waiting for too long.

Other Homeless People

Gary has proven to be extremely lucky for the offers he has received, just from doing one act of honesty and kindness, as he not only found Galvin’s suit, but took the time to track him down as well to make sure it gets to him.

Galvin mentioned that in regards to the flat, Gary wouldn’t be applicable for housing benefit as he does not have a previous address available.

However, the Liverpool City Council have conducted a report in 2015 which showed that the number of homeless peoples had gone up from 2012, and added that it has proved to be quite problematic for them to thoroughly examine the full extent of the situation.