Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon Vows to Protect EU Rights in Scotland


SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon Vows to Protect EU Rights in Scotland

In her new year’s speech, Scotland’s First Minister and leader of the Scottish National Party, the ruling party in Scotland said she vowed to protect EU rights in the country next year.  Scotland voted in large numbers to remain in the EU in the Brexit referendum in June.

In her speech she promised to work towards protecting as many EU rights as possible including the ability for Scots to work in other EU member states.

Unionist party leaders have urged the First Minister to abandon her push for a second Scottish independence referendum.

Scottish Conservative Party leader, Ruth Davidson, advised Nicola Sturgeon to focus “not on creating further division and instability, but on improving services and supporting business to get our economy moving again.”

While Kezia Dugdale, Scottish Labour leader, stated it was important Scotland’s focus should be on the economy.

Early next year The Supreme Court is expected to rule on whether Prime Minister Theresa May needs the approval of MPs to trigger Article 50, the formal process for leaving the EU.  May has said this will happen in March.

In her speech Ms Sturgeon said, “We are working to safeguard the opportunities that so many people in Scotland now take for granted.

“We are determined that Scotland’s vote to remain in the European Union will be respected – and that people in Scotland retain as many of the benefits of EU membership as possible, including the freedom to work, travel and study in other member states.”

Nicola Sturgeon also spoke about a new initiative entitled baby box.  Here, new mothers in Scotland will receive a box of essential items new parents need to look after a newborn child.  it is hoped this will come into effect by next summer.

The thrust of the opposition party speeches was that an independent Scotland is a bad idea.