UK Minister Claims ISIS Will Conduct a Chemical Attack in Britain


British Security Minister, Ben Wallace claims that ISIS seek to conduct a massive and deadly series of chemical attacks across the UK and in other nations in Europe.

Mr. Wallace added that since the terrorist group had faced defeating battles and had been forced to leave their stronghold in places such as Mosul, Iraq, along with other major locations in the Middle East, then the British fighters in ISIS would probably return to the UK in order to carry on with their attacks and threaten the rest of the citizens.

They Respect No One

According to Mr. Wallace, he claims that the ambitions of ISIS or Daesh “is definitely mass casualty attacks,” adding that they have absolutely no moral dilemma or problem in conducting such a deadly attack on populated cities.

The Security Minister says if one only knew the amount of casualties that would result from such chemical attacks, then everyone would be in a state of chaos and hysteria.

On the Safe Side

As of now, no actual evidence or any sort of plot regarding chemical weapons attacks have actually been discovered or exposed, but security services state that they nonetheless have to take in consideration any tiny precaution and preparation necessary for it just in case the possibility of it surfaces.

According to Mr. Wallace, if the militant group had the capabilities of carrying out such an attack in the UK, they most certainly would do it. ISIS have in the past in the year of 2015 carried out a deadly chemical attack using Sulphur mustard gas on the town of Marea, Syria.

An ISIS affiliated terrorist cell was also discovered in Morocco in which biological and chemical components had been confiscated by the Moroccan authorities. Mr. Wallace responded to that incident by saying that the biological weapons found in Morocco should serve as a no thinker to believe that the militant group would in fact conduct chemical attacks anywhere.