Investigation launched after body of British woman lay undiscovered in Australian nightclub for 12 HOURS


    Police in Australia have launched an investigation after the body of a British woman lay undiscovered for 12 hours until it was found inside the Melbourne gentlemen’s club where she is understood to have been working.

    Twenty nine year old Stacey Tierney is originally from Manchester, but had lived in Australia for three years, where she worked at the Dreams Gentlemen’s Club. Her body was found on the Sunday before Christmas, according to new reports, after she was partying with a group of unknown men while the club was closed to the public.

    The men are understood to have fled the scene after the woman, who also worked as a fitness instructor, died. Her body was not found until just before noon the following day. Police in Victoria say they are now looking into Ms Tierney’s death, although no one from the club has yet commented.

    Foul play could have been involved

    Friends of Ms Tierney say they are worried that she may have died as a result of foul play. One friend said: “I personally hope someone is charged for this. I’d like to see them punished. I told her not to work there. I thought it was a bit dodgy.”

    Another friend said that while Ms Tierney like to have a drink, she was not involved in any drug taking, and that she was a streetwise girl. She is understood to have wanted to train to become a nurse. Previously, she had worked as a fitness instructor, doing zumba and spinning classes in her home city of Manchester, and then in Australia. Ms Tierney’s heartbroken family are now waiting to find out what the cause of her death was. They have set up a fundraising page, so they can bring her body back home to the UK, and have raised around $17,000 (AUD).