John McCain Says Putin Must be Confronted by US


Republican senator John McCain has stated that the United States must confront Russian President Vladimir Putin in a far more assertive manner, and that increased sanctions against Russia might just improve their relations with Moscow.

McCain as well as other US senators have been visiting the Baltic nations such as Ukraine and Georgia, in which he declared that the United States will continue to assist them in their struggles despite Donald Trump’s overly praising stance towards Putin, and despite his criticism towards Nato.

McCain stated that he is demanding more assertive and harmful sanctions to be imposed on Russia after their alleged cyber-attacks against the US in the recent elections, in which it has been claimed that the Russians attempted in getting Donald Trump on top.

Now or Never

During McCain’s statement, he also added that if the United States does not act now in creating an aggressive stance towards Putin, then there will be more attacks and damage by him against the United States later on in the future due to their lack of approach now.

Putin Still Loved by One

President Barack Obama recently expelled 35 Russian diplomats in a recent retaliation against Russia, as well as imposing more sanctions against them by targeting Russian intelligence groups who they claim to be behind the cyber-attacks against the US.

However, President-elect Donald Trump has a different view about this matter.

Mr. Trump has not only praised and supported Putin for not retaliating towards the US after the expulsion of the 35 Russian diplomats, but is also considering to reduce sanctions and approach Russia in far less harsh manners as soon as he is sworn in as president.

McCain on the other hand has assured Ukraine that they will continue to be assisted by the US, despite Putin and Donald Trump’s stance on the conflict there.