Republicans Prepare for a Busy Three Months


The Republicans on Capitol Hill are preparing to go into overdrive to push through a range of policies, including the repeal of Obamacare.  Their objective is to achieve this within one hundred days.

On Tuesday, congress returns under Republican control.  They are planning an aggressive push to turn their policies into law.  The first will be the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, outgoing President Obama’s flagship policy.

In addition, they will move to confirm Trump’s Cabinet nominees and have a debate about alleged Russian hacking of the Democratic Party servers.

Although the Democrats do not have the votes to block the nominees they are planning to leverage high-profile committee hearings to bring issues such as health care, environment, and foreign policy more into focus.

They are also planning to fight any repeal to the Affordable Care Act.  Especially as its repeal has been deemed by some as a slap in the face to the Obama administration.

Republicans are realizing that reversing Obamacare can only really be done if an alternative has been put in place.  At this time no alternative exists.  They are also limited as they do not have 60 votes to push through policies without Democratic Party support.  It is expected the Democrats will do all it can to hang on to the Affordable Care Act.

Republican strategy is to try and dismember Obamacare by using a budget process known as “reconciliation”.  A budget resolution which is scheduled to go ahead next week will be the first step in that process.  This should allow the Republicans to avoid the expected Democrat filibuster, by passing the repeal in the Senate with a simple majority.

That said, the Democratic Party are planning to fight back with a strong public relations campaign, highlighting the act has made healthcare affordable, delivers services more cost effectively, gives better outcomes, and provides much better preventative care.