Sky Launches Mobile Service Today


Sky launches its own mobile phone service today which brings the telecoms giant in line with BT and Virgin.  This makes Sky a so called “quadruple play” so-called  In other words, it offers four services of telephony, mobile services, video, and broadband.

Analysts believe this move from Sky who has arguably offers the best television in the UK, will make them more competitive when going up against its rivals.

The new service starts at £10 for 1GB of data, and scales up to a maximum of £20 for 5GB.  Sky claims this is the most flexible mobile service in Britain.  It said that its service address the issues of users “overbuying mobile data they don’t use and therefore end up losing it each month.”  Sky believes 20 million people do this regularly.

It states that research has shown that 72% of people that buy data they do not use, lose around 1GB per month.  Sky said, “That’s the equivalent of losing out on downloading 200 songs or 500 photos, browsing 10,000 web sites or watching two hours of video.”

One of the unique features of Sky Broadband is that unused data rolls over to an online “piggybank.”  This data can be used at anytime within three years.  The mobile plan is flexible and can be changed month on month as the customer needs.  Calls and texts are free under the plan, and the phone can sync with their Sky TV Box.

Stephen van Rooyen, UK and Ireland CEO said, “With Sky Mobile we’ve provided the solution, offering flexibility and great value so our customers’ unused data will be theirs to keep and they can create a plan that’s right for them, month to month.  And there’s even more benefits for Sky TV customers with free U.K. calls and texts, plus the ability to sync with their Sky+ box.”

Sky uses Telefonica’s O2 network.