Like a scene from Jaws: The terrifying moment a Great White leaps from the water yards from a tourist boat


A British tourist has captured the astonishing moment a Great White shark leaped from the water just yards from their boat. The huge predator was latching onto a decoy seal, in pursuit of what it believed would be its next meal.

The massive shark was said by onlookers to be 13ft long, and is estimated to weigh in at 1,700 pounds. The shark is seen chomping down on the target having leapt out of the water. The snap was taken in South Africa, by 23 year old Joseph Butler, on holiday from Swindon.

The geographic information system officer explains that the crew was using the “seal” in a bid to bring sharks closer to the boat. However, the target is then meant to be reeled further out before a shark gets as close as shown in the photo.

Joseph studied marine biology and coastal ecology at university and is fascinated by the predators. He said he released the images in a bid to show that these feared predators actually have vulnerabilities.

Just like a cat

He also said that he has got in the water along with Great Whites, saying they were largely uninterested in him. Joseph said that while it looked as if the giant predator was stealing a piece of equipment, it was simply reaching for a lure being dangled in front of it, much in the same way that a common house cat would grab onto a toy mouse.

South Africa is renowned as one of the best places anywhere in the world to see Great Whites. For many tourists, cage diving with sharks is something that they wish to tick off their bucket lists. However, its no wonder that many people have a fear of going into the water without any protection. Except for America and Australia, South Africa is the country with the highest number of shark attacks in the world.