The Russians Are Getting Away


U.S. Intelligence agencies and President-elect Donald Trump were set to hold a meeting in order for Mr. Trump to be briefed about the ongoing crisis regarding the alleged Russian cyber hacking on the recent U.S. elections.

However, it seems that both sides here are having extreme difficulty not about the cyber hacking, but in simply scheduling a fixed time just to sit down and discuss the matter at this point.

Mr. Trump took to Twitter and wrote that the meeting had been postponed until Friday, which resulted in confusion as both the Obama administration and intelligence agencies responded by saying that it had never been changed to begin with, and Friday was the fixed day anyhow.

Procrastination or Disorganization?

Meanwhile, a senior official from the U.S. intelligence had stated that the meeting is set to take place sometime in the early days of the week, in which afterwards Mr. Trump’s spokesman Sean Spicer said that it was to take place towards the end of the week.

Such lack of organization which has been exposed to the public has aroused several concerns regarding Mr. Trump’s control and method of leading the intelligence agencies once he begins his presidency.

Furthermore, it also happens to be that Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks has received far more support and encouragement from Mr. Trump as he also has disagreed with the Russians being behind the cyber hacking.

Choosing Sides

U.S. officials have been quite troubled and shocked as well to see that Mr. Trump has shown more attention and backing towards Mr. Assange than to U.S. Intelligence agencies.

Mr. Assange does not have the greatest reputation within the U.S. National Security establishment, and is currently presiding in the embassy of Ecuador situated in London due to an allegation he had received for sexual assault.

Mr. Assange has stated that the Russians were not behind the cyber hacking over U.S. elections, nor behind the hacking of John Podesta’s emails.