London’s World Famous Fabric Nightclub Reopens


London’s Fabric nightclub has reopened after a four-month closure last night.  The club has had to implement new licensing conditions, tougher security, and a raised entry age.

The licence was revoked last September after two 18-year-olds died of overdoses while in the club.  Islington Council concluded Fabric had a “culture of drug use.”

The reopening follows a huge campaign for the club to be “saved.”

The reopening was well attended and a long queue to gain entry quickly formed.  Medics walked along the queue saying,  “If any of you or your friends are feeling unwell then please come and see us.”

Bouncers checked IDs and staff told the crowd about welfare areas.

People had come as far away as the U.S for the opening.  Justin Watson, from Virginia, said, “We came from the States for the opening.  We have never been before and are both DJs and are trying to check out places before they close.  I’m definitely excited – it’s an institution.”

One clubber described Fabric as the best club in London.

On drug use most seemed to agree that it was a minority ruining it for everyone and the club was strict on drug use, but people managed to smuggle them in.

One couple in their 20s said, “The amnesty boxes are a nice idea but I doubt they will be used.

“You need to understand what you are taking really if you come to a place like this.”

An Italian woman, 29, said,  “It’s about time it reopened. I don’t think it was Fabric’s fault that led it to be shut.

“Instead of a drugs amnesty box there should be testing kits on site so people can check what they are taking is safe.

“There could also be more information about drugs and the safe way to enjoy them, rather than pretending people shouldn’t bring any in at all.”

A sign on the door of Fabric read, “Anyone found with illegal drugs will be banned from the venue and reported to the police.”