Theresa May opens row with Donald Trump again


They appeared to get off to a shaky start when it emerged that one of Theresa May’s aides had tweeted “Donald Trump is a chump”. And, with the British Prime Minister set to meet the new US president in the spring, Mrs May has re-opened a war of words.

In an interview, Mrs May said that while Mr Trump had apologised for disparaging remarks about women, his comment about grabbing “’em by the p****” was unacceptable.

Mr Trump has just tweeted that he is looking forward to a face to face meeting with his British counterpart. However, when asked about the comments he made which came to light during the presidential election race, she clearly felt she had no choice but to condemn them. She was asked in her first television interview of the new year about what she thought, as a woman, about the remarks.

Top aides

It is understood that Mrs May has already sent her top aides to meet with their counterparts in Mr Trump’s team. She said that the relationship between the UK and the US is much more important than the relationship between the Prime Minister and the President, adding that the long-standing dealings between the two countries were based on shared values.

The Prime Minister said that it was vital to build on the relationship between the US and the UK to build on economic prosperity for both countries. Her comments followed social media posts from Mr Trump in which he said that he was looking forward to Mrs May’s visit later this year. He said earlier that he wanted to forge the sort of close transatlantic relationship enjoyed by Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.

While an exact date is yet to be arranged, Mrs May’s office has confirmed that the two leaders will meet up soon.