Israeli Diplomat Exposed on Camera Regarding His Plan to Take Down UK MP’s


Shai Masot, an Israeli diplomat, has just been exposed on camera as he described in details how he plans to allegedly “take down” several UK MP’s that include Sir Alan Duncan, the foreign office minister who has previously expressed his support for a future Palestinian state.

Masot’s exposed plot has been regarded as a huge violation of diplomatic protocol, and an undercover reporter for Al-Jazeera’s investigative unit had recorded the entire ordeal.

Masot claims he serves as an officer for the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) and whose current role serves as a senior political officer based in the embassy situated in London.

Not On Our Behalf

Mark Regev, the Israeli ambassador in London offered his apologies to Duncan last Friday, and a spokesman had explicitly set the matter clear by saying that Mr. Regev in no way finds any of the statements said by Masot acceptable or appropriate, and he does not speak on the embassy’s behalf. Mr. Regev added that Masot’s time with the embassy is said to be coming close to an end regarding the term set for his employment.

Caught Red Handed

Masot as of now has refused to make any statement regarding the incident, and he has not explained exactly what he meant when he clearly stated on camera that he intends on bringing several UK MP’s down.

A man named Robin, the undercover reporter in the room, along with Maria Strizzolo, a civil servant had been in the room with Masot as made his statements behind closed doors. In the recording Masot had asked Strizzolo “Can I give you some MPs that I would suggest you would take down?”

After that, he went on to add that he was sure Strizzolo knew to whom exactly he was referring to, to which Strizzolo replied to him by mentioning the deputy foreign minister. Strizzolo had then said to him that she thought he had been taken care of, in which Masot said no they have not, not the least bit either.