Pharma Bro Suspended from Twitter Due to Harassment of Journalist


Martin Shkreli, also known as ‘Pharma Bro’ who has previously served as the Turing Pharmaceuticals executive has been suspended from the social media platform Twitter as of last Sunday, due to an alleged harassment against journalist Lauren Duca.

A source from Twitter has stated that his suspension is indeed linked with the harassment but refused to be directly quoted.

Duca is a freelance journalist who just recently had written an op-ed piece for Teen Vogue and had given her piece the title of “Donald Trump is gaslighting America.”

Verbal Attacks

After Duca’s piece had been published, she appeared on the Fox News show hosted by Tucker Carlson right before Christmas Day where Carlson had said to her on live television that she should just continue writing about matters such as what he said “thigh-high boots,” in which Duca wittingly responded by referring to Carlson as a unprofessional and partisan hack.

Duca’s statements resulted in a wave of repercussions where she had been targeted by thousands of people who delivered to her messages of rage and one such individual even threatened to rape Duca on the day of Christmas.

Shkreli Continues His Own Attacks

Just days ago Shkreli had apparently changed his profile picture on Twitter in which he had photoshopped his face onto another man’s body and then in his bio section he had written that he has a crush on Lauren Duca, and “hope she doesn’t find out.”

This comes after more trolling that had been carried out by Shkreli against Duca. After this matter Duca messaged Jack Dorsey, the chief executive of Twitter and sent him the photos of Shkreli’s recent images and bio updates in which she asked Dorsey how such behavior is permitted on the social media platform.

A spokesperson for Twitter then stated that their rules and regulations completely prohibit such behavior and deliberate harassment towards individuals, adding that they will take action about this matter as soon as possible.