O2 Customer Enraged As Her Maiden Name Is Changed


Aaisha Hussain, 23, who presides in Oldham, expressed her utter rage and disgust as she finds out that an O2 operator had allegedly changed her maiden name to “Idiot” after she had called in to complain to the customer service section.

The situation had begun as the digital agent was unable to assist Hussain into upgrading her current contract and in being unable to recycle her old phone.

As the web chat came to an end due to an unexpected error, Hussain had complained to the online feedback form with a message that ended up resulting in an unexpected and hurtful realization soon afterwards.

Utterly Shocking

Hussain recalled that as she set up another attempt in order to initiate another web chat, she was notified that her current maiden name was invalid, which had left her utterly confused and surprised.

As she contacted O2 she then was told that her maiden name had been changed from the usual “Akhtar” to “Idiot.” Hussain stated that upon hearing of this news, she broke down instantly and stated that “This is my mum’s maiden name, it’s a personal issue.”

A Hit to the Heart

Hussain went on to add that she has always been a very family oriented person, and so such an incident really struck her where it hurts.

The 23 year old who works at Co-op Insurance says that she intends on exposing what was done to her, as she finds the entire matter utterly disgusting, unprofessional, and she did not deserve such a degrading method of treatment.

Hussain claims that not only did she get charged on her account for something that she had never apparently ordered, but the situation was topped off with the insult towards her mother’s name after that as well, and said that “It’s so childish of them to do this, it’s embarrassing.”