Dylan Roof Receives the Death Sentence


The jury has just announced the final decision regarding Dylan Roof, in which it came to the inevitable death sentence as he had earned 33 different charges that included hate crimes and murder in the first degree to nine black worshipers at Charleston, South Carolina.

Roof serves as officially the first person to receive the sentence of execution due to federal charges of a hate crime.

A statement that was released by Roof’s defense team expressed their deepest condolences for the family members of all the victims who had been killed due to unspeakable forms of hate, and apologized afterwards that they had tried their best to bring out into the light the causes and reasons for such an incident to have occurred, but failed to do so.

Roof had refused this statement while it had been announced during the segment of the trial that came about for the final sentencing.

The Inevitable Outcome

As the sentencing was read to Roof aloud, and throughout the entire process of this case, Roof has showed no signs of emotions or shame for that matter, yet his family have made a startling statement.

The family of the mass murderer stated that they will always love their son, although they must face the inevitable pain that is to come about for the rest of their lives in never understanding why it is he ever committed these evil acts, and then expressed their sympathies to the families of all the nine victims.

It Was My Duty

In the last moments in the case, 22 year old Roof told the jurors that he still had felt like he was obliged to carry out the acts that he had did back on June 17th, 2015, and then added on by saying that “anyone who hates anything in their mind has a good reason for it.”