UK Coastal Town Evacuated Amid Flood Warnings


The UK Coastal Town of Jaywick has been evacuated amid fears that floods were imminent.  Police officers are currently going house to house in the Clacton – on – sea town, warning residents that a full scale evacuation plan is in operation.

Currently Jaywick is being battered by high wind and rain.

Along Britain’s east coast towns and villages are being warned about flood risk, as tidal waves and high winds are set to combine.

Jaywick residents are being moved to Tendring which has been set up to allow people and pets to stay until the danger has passed.

Russ Cole, Chief Inspector said, “Acting on all the professional guidance and experience of our colleagues at the Environment Agency and the Met Office, a partnership decision has been taken to evacuate the homes in Jaywick to ensure the safety of all residents.

“My officers will start calling at all residences in Jaywick from 4pm this afternoon, to advise them that from 7am tomorrow we will be transporting people out of the town to the rest centre.

“We will also advise that from 4pm they can of course, self-evacuate and make their own way to the rest centre or to another place of safety at a friend or relative’s home outside of Jaywick.

“This decision has not been taken lightly and has been made in the best interests of all residents to ensure their safety until the severe weather passes.”

The police plan to patrol Jaywick to ensure that property is secure.  Residents have been advised to pack clothes and medication, and store valuables and expensive items in higher areas of the house.

The counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, and Lincolnshire are particularly at risk from the incoming wind and tides.

People and motorists have been advised to avoid the UK’s east coast and take alternative routes if possible.