RMT Plans for Fresh New Strikes in February


London has been struck with a major disruption to their transportation services for the past months now, and it seems that additional days of chaos and disorder still lay ahead as the RMT Union have announced that they seek to conduct further strikes in February.

The recent threat was declared by them on Thursday, and came after a 24 hour walkout had taken place by members from the RMT and the TSSA Union last Sunday. Most of the Zone 1 train stations were shut down and did not carry out their scheduled operations.

The RMT has stated that if the UK government does not comply with their requests and demands, then they can expect further disruption to the transport services by February 6th.

Negotiations Urgently Needed

The General secretary of the RMT, Mick Cash, stated that as of now it was revealed that the union and members from the management level have actually come to agree that the cuts were a major and regretful decision to have ever been made, and it is indeed urgent at this point more than ever for the employees from the stations to be back in their positions immediately in order not to cause or prolong further disruption in the transportation services.

Just Meet the Demands

Mr. Cash continued by stating that the overcrowding of passengers within the train platforms and the trains themselves are a worrisome matter for them as it can be safely expected in the near future that a major calamity or incident will occur as a direct result of the safety procedures and regulations that were not revised.

“Our dispute is about taking action to haul back the cuts machine and put safety back at the top of the agenda,” Mr. Cash stated.

The bosses of the London Underground have stated they will approve of hiring more employees for the train stations, but the unions have demanded that a far higher recruitment plan is required.