Clean up operation under way after Britain battered by storms


    A major clean up operation is under way after Britain was battered by storms. Thousands of people along Britain’s east coast, including in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex were evacuated amid warnings of giant waves and flooding over the last couple of days.

    Meanwhile, homes in Hornsea, further north in East Yorkshire are understood to have suffered “significant flooding,” and a rescue operation was launched as three people became trapped in a sinking car on the seafront. The grandmother and two children were reached just before their car sank. Life boat crews said the grandmother had driven along the coast road as she did not believe it was too deep. However, it was actually 4ft deep and they were reached just in time. Beach huts have been totally destroyed an a historic pier in Cromer, Norfolk, has been damaged. People were also told to stay away from the popular resort of Whitby after the waves broke over the sea wall.

    Going back home

    In total, nearly 7,000 families were told to leave their homes. Many have now started to go back home after being asked to head to respite centres ahead of an expected high tide. However, many more are understood to have refused to leave their houses despite the warnings.

    However, the Environment Agency has said that the situation did not become as dire as had been predicted because a combination of elements, including strong wings, high tides and high waves, did not happen in all areas. Emergency services say they did not react by ordering the evacuation and there has been relief that the chaos predicted did not materialise for most. A calmer weather period is now forecast, although there will still be icy conditions. Families and businesses are now counting the cost of the damage and trying to put it right.