Girl’s Backpack Saves Her Life from Car Crash


Authorities have stated that a 13 year old girl was on a sidewalk at the corner of 18th Avenue and 55th Street situated in Borough Park when she was struck by a driver who had allegedly suffered a sudden medical condition and became unconscious while still behind the wheel.

A passenger in the back of the vehicle had attempted to escape and jump out of the moving car once the driver had been temporarily unresponsive.

The event occurred last Thursday and surveillance footage had captured the entire scene, in which it shows the 13 year old girl attempting to flee from the oncoming car but was eventually struck.

Aaron Minz, an eyewitness to the scene recalls several passersby screaming hysterically and told others to call for an ambulance immediately. Aaron stated that the driver of the car had looked like he was close to death, but miraculously the young girl had barely suffered any major injuries.

Witnessed Miracle

Aaron is stunned by the incident as he said the young girl had flew far away from the car upon the collision, and somehow she came out of it with just barely of a scratch.

The authorities have stated that a minor leg injury resulted in the girl, and she was treated at the Maimonedes Medical Center and then was released on last Thursday night.

Backpack of Life

Israel Hirshenbaum, the young girl’s father told reporters that his young daughter was doing fine, and that she may still be a bit traumatized and in shock from the incident, but she had suffered no real physical harm.

Mr. Hirshenbaum then stated that his daughter’s backpack, which was filled with books prior to the accident, had served to save his daughter’s life.

Meanwhile the 48 year old driver has been hospitalized at the Maimonedes Medical Center and has been said to be in a severely critical state at the moment. The passenger from the vehicle however had not undergone any injuries in the accident.