Jeremy Corbyn Will Take Failing Care Homes back into Public Ownership


Jeremy Corbyn in a speech to the Fabian Society has said that a Labour government would take failing care homes back into public ownership.

He warned that the social care system was in crisis and that £4.6bn of cuts has taken its toll.  He described it as a “social care crisis made in Downing Street”.

Social Care Cuts Impact the NHS

Since 2010 care homes have faced falling fee payments from councils and rising costs.  So far 360 businesses that operate care homes have gone bust.

Over the same period, the Care Quality Commission has said 20% of care homes do not have sufficient staff to ensure good, safe, care for residents.

Corbyn continued, “They’ve now told councils to fill the gap by raising council tax but that won’t even meet 3% of what councils are already spending on social care for the elderly,” he said.

“They’re passing the buck to the councils, shifting the blame and handing you the bill.

“Labour will not let the elderly down, people who’ve worked all their lives, paid their taxes and made a massive contribution to society.”

“So a Labour government would give social care the funding it needs and give a firm commitment to take failed private care homes into public ownership to maintain social care protection.

“It’s the least we can do to guarantee dignity for people who’ve given so much to our country.”

Massive Tax Cuts

He also pointed out that the Conservatives have cut £70bn of taxes for the rich over the next five years, while freezing public sector pay for everyone else.

“The people who run Britain have been taking our country for a ride. They’ve stitched up our political system to protect the powerful,” he said.

“The truth is the system simply doesn’t work for the vast majority of people. Labour under my leadership stands for a complete break with this rigged system.

“We will hand back wealth and control to people and communities.”