Jennifer Holliday Decides Not to Perform at Trump’s Inauguration


Renowned celebrity performer Jennifer Holliday announced that she will not be performing anymore at President-elect Donald J. Trump’s inauguration ceremony on January 20th.

Holliday stated that she was not aware of how such a matter may have displayed a false sense of support and appraisal for Mr. Trump, and decided to think twice about what her actions and performance can mean.

Friends and acquaintances of Holliday that include black citizens, as well as gay and lesbians added some pressure to the celebrity in order to convince her to back out of the entire matter.

The pressure had been imposed on her once Holliday declared that she would be officially singing at a concert set to take place on Thursday at the Lincoln Memorial situated in Washington.

Think Twice

Holliday is known for several roles, but specifically for the famous “Dreamgirls” performance she had been a part of in Broadway.

After the celebrity faced some criticism about her upcoming performance at the inauguration, she later apologized for ever thinking of doing it.

Holliday last Saturday released a statement in which she made it clear that she did not have enough knowledge and background on such an issue, and apologized to all of her fans. According to Holliday, she was not aware that such major repercussions can result out of her performance for Mr. Trump.

Not the Only One

Besides Holliday, there have been several other renowned celebrities and musician who have also turned down the offer of performing at the upcoming inauguration.

The Beach Boys have also been facing a similar dilemma, and singer Toby Keith has announced that he would be singing at the ceremony.

Jon Voight also stated he would be in line for a performance at the upcoming concert. Holliday however has made her official decision in declining to perform and stated that she sees nothing else to do at this point except stand in solidarity with members of the LGBT community now.