I’ll help you, says Trump to Britain over Brexit


Donald Trump has told Britain that he will help to ensure that Brexit is a good thing for the country. He spoke about his affection for Britain and added that British Prime Minister Theresa May would be meeting with him immediately after he entered the White House.

The President-elect said that he wanted a trade deal to be signed between the US and the UK very quickly after he officially takes office on January 20. His comments are in stark contrast to those of the outgoing president Barack Obama, who said that if Britain voted to leave the EU during the June referendum, the country would then be at the “back of the queue”.

His words come after visits from Mrs May’s aides to their counterparts in the US. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has also headed to New York to meet with Mr Trump’s team ahead of the Prime Minister’s planned visit.

Harsh words for the EU

Mr Trump appeared to place himself firmly in Britain’s corner when it comes to leaving the EU. He said that he believed more country’s would follow Britain’s leave and choose an exit. He said that the EU had been massively damaged as a result of the ongoing migration crisis. Mr Trump said US borders would be tightened up, which could make life more difficult for Europeans trying to enter America.

In particular, he singled out German Chancellor Angela Merkel, saying she had made a huge mistake when she allowed more than one million migrants into the country. Mr Trump also revealed that Mrs May had written to him following his surprise election victory, as well as sending him a gift: a copy of Winston Churchill’s speak to the US just after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. She said that the UK and the US should ensure they shared a bond just as strong today as it had been then.