Kidnapped Baby Found 18 Years Later


Kamiyah Mobley, now 18, was kidnapped while still a baby and has just been discovered presiding in South Carolina under the name of Alexis Manigo.

Kamiyah had been kidnapped from a hospital situated in Florida 18 years ago by a woman who had disguised herself as a nurse, and Kamiyah was discovered to be living with her under the same flat.

The kidnapper, Gloria Williams, 51, has been taken into custody by the authorities under charges of kidnapping.

Kamiyah has long believed that Williams was her real mother, and after her arrest had defended her on Facebook by stating that her mother is in no way a criminal, and if anything, has provided and supported her with everything she’s ever needed.

Real Love for False Mother

The real mother of Kamiyah, Shanara Mobley, had been at the University Medical Center situated in Jacksonville in the month of July back in 1998.

For years the kidnapping had transformed into a nationwide mystery and unsolved crime.

A week prior to the kidnapping, Williams had undergone a miscarriage of her own, then had driven for a full three hours from South Carolina all the way till Florida and carried out the kidnapping of baby Kamiyah.

A Shock of Life

According to the authorities of Jacksonville, they stated that Kamiyah had absolutely no idea about this matter and as of last Friday had just been notified that Williams was never her real biological mother all along.

After just several hours within the discovery of Kamiyah, both her mother Shanara and father Craig Aiken had broken down into tears of happiness whilst communicating with a detective who had notified them that their baby daughter was found in South Carolina alas.

Williams is said to likely be facing a life sentence of imprisonment, and Kamiyah was permitted on spending a few hours with her whilst in court.