Fears growing for 14 year old girl who disappeared at lunchtime on Monday


    Fears are growing for a teenage girl who has disappeared after leaving her home on Monday. Tiger Lilly Robson, who is 14, was last seen just before noon on Monday this week when she left the house in Sussex. It is the second time in a matter of days that Tiger Lilly has gone missing from home.

    She had only just gone back home after going missing a few days earlier. Detectives have not said how long she was missing for the last time she went missing, or whether she has left home before. Her family and police say they are worried about her, and believe that there are a number of places where she could now be, as she has friends in several areas, including Bexhill, Hastings, Crowborough and Dagenham.


    The teenager is described as white, 5ft 5in and of slim build. Her hair is brown and shoulder length and she has blue eyes. Tiger Lilly was wearing a shocking pink Ralph Lauren hoodie, along with black leggings, a black coat with fur around the hood and a pair of white trainers when she left her house. She also tends to regularly wear a triangle-shaped white metal dress ring every day.

    Police are urging anyone who may know where Tiger Lilly is to get in touch with officers straight away so they can make sure that the teenager is safe and well. Detectives have not released any further details about who, if anyone, was at home when Tiger Lilly left, or what may have caused her to leave home. It is not clear whether she was feeling unhappy at home or at school before her disappearance, or whether she may have been picked up by someone, or got on public transport. She left home in Bexhill at 11.45am. The town sits on the seaside in East Sussex.