Rumors of Lady Gaga Regarding Mentioning of Trump at Super Bowl False


Several rumors were spread around in which it has been said that celebrity Lady Gaga would be banned from mentioning any politically affiliated topics or more specifically, about Donald Trump at the upcoming Super Bowl.

Lady Gaga is said to be performing during the half time at the event, but all rumors have been officially denied and reported as nothing but false by the NFL.

Last Tuesday it was claimed that the NFL had apparently told the pop singer under no circumstances can she mention or speak about any politically related topics, including the US elections and Donald Trump.

Natalie Ravitz, a member from the National Football League has confirmed that this rumor is inaccurate on every level, and representatives for the pop star have also confirmed such a statement is false.

A Problem from Nothing

Ravitz stated that such a rumor has been created to simply create some type of conflict and unnecessary drama where there was none to begin with.

These rumors do not in any way derive or come from any known sources, and the Super Bowl usually serves as the time of the year when people are united, not divided, Ravitz said.

Ravitz then added that Lady Gaga is planning on performing an incredible show, so such irrelevant rumors will not in any way intervene or disrupt this fact.

Gaga’s Own Views

The Super Bowl, serving as the 51st one, is schedule to being on February 5th and will be taking place at Houston. Lady Gaga has openly talked about her own views regarding President-elect Donald Trump during the entire US electoral campaign.

The pop star made no secret of her support for Hillary Clinton, and even spoke at the election rally in the final days.

After Mr. Trump had won the election, she sent out a tweet in which it stated America should be praying as of now for these turn of events.