Donald Trump’s inauguration Mobilises British Protest Groups


Britain’s protest groups have mobilised on Friday ahead of Donald Trump’s inauguration to become President of the United States.

A banner draped across Tower Bridge read “Build bridges not walls” in reference to Trump’s plan to build a wall between Mexico and the U.S.

Over on Westminster Bridge two other banners read, “Migrants welcome here” and “Migration is older than language”.

In total ten bridges were draped with banners mostly referencing Trump’s Mexican wall idea, and Hillary Clinton’s phrase, “We need to build bridges not walls”.

Green Party leader Caroline Lucas tweeted, “Glad to join @lgsmigrants with #BridgesNotWalls banner in #Brighton – opposing hatred whipped up by #Trump & standing up for rights of all”

The protests were part of a wider global protest against Donald Trump.  The Bridges not Walls movement declared, “Today we’re dropping banners off bridges around the world, pledging hope for the future and to take a stand against the rise of the far right.”

Global Protests

In Paris, illuminated slogans appeared on bridges across the Seine, stating “Bridges Not Walls.”  The Eiffel Tower lit up in the background.

In Nepal the capital of Kathmandu, the movement had mobilised there with images of a child holding a piece of paper stating, “WE WILL BUILD BRIDES”

In a statement Bridges not Walls Nona Hurkmans said, “On Trump’s inauguration day, we’re taking action to show our support for groups under attack – here in the UK, across Europe and in the USA – and to reject the rise of a dangerous and divisive far right politics.

“We won’t let the politics of hate peddled by the likes of Donald Trump take hold.”

Thousands more protests are expected all over Britain.  They have been planned to coincide with Donald Trump’s inauguration.

In a series of #StandUpToTrump protests, backed by over 50 British MPs are expected to be held at the American Embassy in London as well as in Edinburgh, Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester, and Leeds.