Paul McCartney Fights for The Beatles


One of the loudest legal battles has been taking place as Sir Paul McCartney is apparently suing the Sony Co. in order to reclaim full control over the publishing rights for the Beatles catalogue.

McCartney approached a court in the United States in order to reclaim his publishing rights for about 267 of the classic tracks his band had formerly produced in the past.

Apparently McCartney has been fighting for these songs ever since the 80’s, but pop star Michael Jackson in a famous win out-bid him for the publishing rights.

However, it was revealed that the estate filled with debts that had belonged to Jackson apparently sold the Beatles song to tech company Sony as of last year.

Sir Paul’s Battle

McCartney filed his case at a court in Manhattan last Wednesday, and the case is what has been referred to as copyright termination.

According to copyright termination, artists or authors alike may once again reclaim their works again from music publishers, but only after a certain amount of time had since passed.

Such an act had apparently been a part of the Copyright Act that was created back in 1976 at the United States.

Other renowned celebrities such as Prince, Blondie and others were able to take advantage of this matter in order to reclaim their own works as well.

Battle Not Over

It has been reported that a law in the UK states that any music publishing companies may possess the rights over the copyright for a duration of about 70 years after the death of the actual artist.

However, McCartney has expressed his concern regarding Sony Co. attempting to block him by throwing out accusations against him for violating a contract or perhaps a publishing agreement.

Sony Co. have stated that legal case filed by McCartney serves as completely unnecessary.


  1. The copywrite for the Beatles music should never have been sold out from under them in the first place. I hope McCartney succeeds in getting them back.