SIX people and two DOGs found alive in avalanche hit hotel


    Rescuers at the avalanche hit Hotel Rigopiano have found six people, including a young girl, alive. Amazed resuce teams found the group, which included an 11 year old, trapped in a kitchen of the resort, which has been buried in snow. However, they can’t manage to get them onto the surface until they have specialist equipment.

    The news was heard over a firefighters radio, with a rescue heard saying that they had found people alive, and asking for a helicopter to be sent immediately. While initial reports suggest that six people have been found, there are indications that as many as eight could be alive inside the hotel. Two people were rescued earlier from the scene, and it was said that somewhere between 35 and 38 were still trapped inside, believed dead.

    The hotels two resident dogs, Wolf and Cloud, have been rescued, alive, from the building. The discovery comes after rescuers said they had not given up hope of finding survivors after the catastrophe, which followed a series of four earthquakes which shook the centre of Italy. As snow cascaded down the mountain, the three-storey building was torn from its foundations and moved 30ft.

    Helicopters on their way

    Rescue helicopters with medics onboard are now heading to the scene, as well as specially trained sniffer dogs to see if more survivors can be found. Luca Cari, a spokesperson for the local fire brigade confirmed that a group of people had been found alive and that emergency services crew were talking to them. However, many are still missing, presumed dead, and the names of those who were in the hotel have started to emerge.

    Among the missing are 41 year old police chief Domenico DiMichelangelo, 41 along his wife Marina and their seven-year-old son. Husband and wife Corporal Luciano and Silvana Angelucci are also unaccounted for, while another couple, Marco Vagnarelli and Paola Tomassini are also missing.